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Thankful heart

The morning I opened my eyes (this is what Lenka writes), my heart was filled with a strange feeling. I didn't want to do anything. I would like to spend this day in bed. I had thoughts like this " if I could be here or there... when the pandemic finally ends ... I should rather be quiet than say something ... I can't do it now...” In other words, I was overwhelmed by a thought of negativism and complaints resulting from the fact that things are not as I wish. This whole "what if" thoughts spiral led me more and more into rather grief. I wanted to cry. I stopped seeing the sun behind the clouds.

At such a time, I learned to spend time with God and ask Him what's going on. I did so now. His answer was clear and surprising: "Lenka, it’s difficult for you because you focus on issues that are not in your hands. Be grateful for the good you have.” At this point, I realized the importance of thankfulness. Marek and I would like to share with you today some thoughts on this topic.

It happens to us that in our life we simply focus on matters/dreams/desires, the fulfillment of which we wish to experience. For example, you are waiting for a boyfriend/girlfriend, an answer from God, buying a car, finding a new job, and others. Moreover, when their fulfillment does not come, we may enter the process of hopelessness or sorrow. In such situations, you want to be thankful for what you already have. Just look around you. Even today it’s possible to give thanks to God for many things, e.g., that you have opened your eyes, you have a place to live, you are healthy, you live in a country where there is peace, you have a job, you have something to eat, where to sleep, you have friends, family, you can go for a walk or run, watch a movie, etc. At a time when your heart is filled with impatience and sadness, we invite you to change your perspective from things you don't have to those you already have.

Today is the greatest gift from God for which we are both thankful. Let's enter together into an attitude of gratefulness. Otherwise, we focus on what we do not have and perhaps do not need either. We start to see that in front of us as an unattainable goal. We focus purely on that. We are more and more frustrated, more disappointed. We don't even hope for a change anymore. We stop seeing the blessings that have been given to us. Everything around us seems small and we want to have more. All this leads us to an attitude of complaining, for example. Therefore, it can be written that it's our attitude that does not lead to our peace, goodness, and happiness.

Instead, we invite you to stop today. Look around and give thanks for all the good of the day. Why? For gratitude gives us hope. Also, give thanks to God for He has not forgotten about you. He gives you every single day and indeed everything you need for today. This nourishes your soul and makes you thankful.

We do confess, sometimes we lose our gratitude but to make sure that we get on track we've come up with a great way to maintain our gratitude. We are happy to share it with you. We have created a letter of thanksgiving. It is a list where we write one thing every day (you can easily write more), for which we are thankful. Let us share a few things from this list: we are healthy, for sunset, for peace of mind, for Marek’s sensitivity, for his today's words and care for me, that we have woken up, that we have and know God, for a deep conversation between us, for blooming flowers in the city, for the time with friends, for sincerity and openness in a relationship, for Lenka's gentleness and kindness, patience and respect, the presence of the Holy Spirit, parents and siblings, every smile and good word. We are thankful to God for all the good and more. When we look at this long list of things our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy.


Therefore, we encourage you to choose your position of gratitude today. We bless you to see the good and recognize each gift you have already received. May your heart is filled with determination to be thankful for small things.

Lenka & Marek



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