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Misunderstanding. They certainly don't have to be nice. They are part of our daily lives. They can also affect our relationships. We would like to share with you today the surprises of the misunderstanding. When situations arise and we do not understand each other. When it's needed to clarify things. We want to dedicate this blog to everyone who solves such misunderstandings without being physically together and/or together. Perhaps, you ask, "How to solve such misunderstandings?" We will be happy to answer this question.

Our names are Lenka and Marek. Yes, we're getting to know each other, and misunderstandings have already arrived. Because we cannot be in personal contact with each other, we use the options we have. We mainly focus on applications that include, for example, video chat. Although Internet communication has its advantages and disadvantages, our misunderstandings can certainly be resolved in this way. We will summarize them in a few points and describe them in more details. Are you ready? Here they are:

1. Pray!

Spiritual struggles are won on the knees and in prayer. The other person I'm going through with a surprise is not my enemy. He/she did not do the matter intentionally. His/her goal is not to hurt me. As two people, we face another enemy who does not like unity. All spiritual weapons must be drawn against him. If you face a misunderstanding, please pray before and after the conversation. May God cover your communication with another person. Let no word you say to be used by evil. May you be protected by the blood of Jesus Christ. The time of common prayer against the enemy will strengthen you, bring you closer to each other. Therefore, please pray together.

2. Don't give up!

People sometimes face the false idea that a true relationship will be perfect, without a single misunderstanding. They expect them to just look at each other in the eye and know what the other is thinking. When it's not like that, they give up. They leave relationships. We want to tell you "don't give up!" We encourage you to fight for a relationship. Don't run away from it at the first misunderstanding. Every single misunderstanding taken together will move your cognition and future relationship to a higher and higher level. It is through overcome misunderstandings that you get to know the other person and they will serve you to grow with each other. You will notice how he/she reacts when these misunderstandings come. It is all the more beautiful when you can overcome misunderstandings together without personally being together. When you then meet, you will be carried on this wave of courage, determination and the path fought for each other.

3. Talk honestly and openly!

Since you cannot be together in person, the only thing a person on the other side can rely on is your word. Therefore, communicate at the time of resolving the misunderstanding. Tell the other person what you thought. How you perceive or experience it. Do not close yourself into a shell. Please come out! Maybe even more difficult things to talk about. Be authentic. Don't play theater. Put any pretense mask down. When we do not see ourselves in person, it is necessary to build honest, open, and free communication. This will become a great foundation for building the foundations of your relationship. At the same time, you allow the other to get to know you better. It's worth being known. So, don't be afraid to talk about yourself.

4. Listen to what the other person is saying!

Sometimes it happens that we project all situations through our personal experience. Experience what we ourselves have experienced. We assume that one perceives it the same way as we do. However, this is not true. He is an original, unique person. He/she is not the same as you. Therefore, please do not project misunderstandings through your experience, but listen to him/her. Be there for him/her and try to understand him/her. What you want from the other, bring it to him/her. If you desire to understand, begin to understand him/her. If you want to be accepted, start accepting him/her. Listening to the other and understanding him/her is like when the roots of a tree dig deeper and deeper into the ground. The tree of your knowledge will become stronger.

5. Examine your heart!

The time of getting to know each other and the subsequent time of the relationship is a time when you find out a lot about yourself. It is also a time of personal renewal. Why? Because the other person often sets up a mirror of our interior. By becoming close to us, it enters more and more personal areas. Sometimes it may not be pleasant for us. But what is important for the time of getting to know each other: examine your heart. Why do you react to how you react? Is there a wound in your heart that needs to be healed? Any bad experiences you've had and now you're afraid it'll have the same conclusion? Did I not forgive someone? Why do you react, how do you react? Examine your heart and pray for its healing. Your heart is beautiful, precious. Examine the depth of his chamber.

6. Keep calm!

If you are a person who does not like such misunderstandings, maybe solving them will be more difficult for you. Sometimes it can happen that people do not sleep, do not eat, worry, are afraid that it will all end in times of misunderstanding. However, it is important to learn to keep calm in this area as well. A person under stress will do x more surprises in addition. Love is definitely not about being restless. Not. It is necessary to learn to keep calm even in the middle of resolving misunderstandings. You both want to explain it. Pray that God will show you what exactly to do to keep your peace. Do you have to pray? Do you have to do a specific act ahead of the person? Do you have to change the way you think? We believe that God is God of peace. How much the Father wants to share His peace. So, let's just receive it from His hands.

7. Do not seek perfection!

Today we are looking for perfection everywhere. Even in relationships. However, you get to know a person who has his mistakes, shortcomings, guilt. Some of them may surprise you. However, it is important to focus on the fact that I am not perfect myself. Therefore, do not expect perfection from another. Look at yourself first, then at the other. Don't look for perfection in him/her. Your expectations would only trap him/her in the cage you created for him/her. Allow the other to be who he or she is. Two imperfect people can create something perfect together precisely because God is in their midst. He is the basis of perfection. Not ourselves.


We have outlined a few basic points on how to resolve misunderstandings when you cannot be together in person or you are together. We believe that they can become an encouragement to you. We believe that they can be a gift and a light on the way to getting to know another person. May God use our words for His work. To build the beautiful between the two of you.

We bless you both to be with God at the time of resolving the misunderstanding. So that you would not give up, that you would speak and listen, examine your heart, keep calm, and not seek perfection. May God bless your time together and the time of your relationship. May He guide you on this beautiful journey full of freshness, light, beauty, and hope.

Lenka & Marek



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