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Courageous manhood

I or you do not automatically become a man after the age of eighteen. So then when? And what exactly is manhood? Have you heard of the courageous manhood? I would like to answer these and similar questions for you. In addition, I myself will ask a few questions for us men on the way to courageous manhood. The basis for this blog for me was the FamilyLife Stepping up series.

My name is Marek. During my life's journey here on earth, I often asked myself the question, who am I? Have you thought of asking a similar question? You may know the answer, or you may still be looking for it. And that's okay. Because the answer may not be so simple or unambiguous after all. After being born to my parents, I became their son. During my growth, I was a boy at first. As a teenager, I became a man. And this is how I could go on. But is it even true what I write? Let's take a look at it together in the following steps, which will help us in this.

It takes courage

I believe that courage is deeply rooted within each of us. But it needs to be activated. Whatever the source of activation, it will not work without courage. I'm sorry to write it this way directly, but it's similar to looking in the mirror in the morning and seeing myself. Not someone else, maybe a dream. Courage will not only allow me to look at myself and see, but it will also allow me to talk about who I am. That's why I want to challenge you, be brave and take courage. It is the first step. And talk honestly about who you are, what you are, whether it's good or bad. This is just a by-product of what sleep in you. And it's you.

Childhood and Adolescence

When I was little, I played with toys. Then I went to school and learned. Besides, I've always been surrounded by someone or something. Most often it was my parents and siblings. Here I want to emphasize the role of the father. Father, he is the one who is my first man and role model. If you didn't have one, don't worry, it doesn't matter. Just realize it. You have a father. The Heavenly Father, and He is with you always and never will leave you. If the father is missing, one can speak of a fatherhood crisis. Don't be afraid again, please accept it and call on Heavenly Father. During the transition from childhood to adolescence, there is often separation, gradual and slow distancing from parents. This may not always be true. But I want to warn you that you could have moved forward physically, but emotionally you might not. Accept it again and start not only thinking about it but talking and the most important thing is to pray.

Adulthood, Mentoring, and Patriotism

Maybe it happened in your life that you liked to show off. Whether it was at home, at work, or in society. But that doesn't mean you're a man. Do you know the answer to the question, so when did I become a man? I'm sorry, it's not about your career, or how are you performing at work, or how many women you know, etc. The man rejects passivity and actively does things. The man takes responsibility, makes bold decisions, and expects appreciation. A man needs a man to be able to open up, provided he is accepted. A man speaks openly about his weaknesses, prays not only for himself but for others, has a mentor, a person with whom he shares. All this in order to later become a mentor and patriarch himself, so he takes responsibility not only for himself but for the family and the community.

The decision to step forward

No matter where you are on your journey of life, you are not alone. Maybe you feel weak and make mistakes that lead you into a trap of temptation. All this is necessary for you to be alone with God. It is your desert where you get to know yourself and also Him, your Creator; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You just need to stop first, then stand up and step forward. Say enough to your past. And please do not centralize your life around you, but Jesus. He will take care of you and double your life. Then you will not be alone, but Jesus will go before you. You are a sinner, just like me. You just ask God to give up and step forward. And that is the second step.

Stand firmly on your feet

Everyone must have experienced some training in their lives, maybe with soldiers, police officers, or it was simply a woman, a mother, a cleaning lady. Whoever it was, he/she gave us a lesson and left a mark on us. Our job is to admit our behavior and do good things. Stand for the word and act as you say. Then, perhaps, you will begin to tremble with joy on the path to holiness to which we are all called. But this is often not the case. What do we need? Awareness of our responsibility to each other so that we can be a model of integrity. Love and forgiveness heal even when we make a mistake and fall. Therefore, let us be attentive and stand firmly on our feet. You read about the third step.

Take the initiative

The initiative is something that is escalating. It grows in you. You can already see it, feel it, hear it, touch it, and smell it. Yes, that's right, your senses are ecstatic and you're going after it. You initiate, act, and take responsibility. You are not passive; you are not afraid, or you do not think about your inadequacy. These are all just brakes. True, there are several. But you are here to suppress, overcome them, and in harmony with courage, stepping, and standing firmly on your feet, finally carry them out. It's time, dear man. No more excuses that you will do it later, or that something from the past hurts, bothers you or makes you incapacitated. It is nobody and nothing but you. So please take the initiative, please. The fourth step.

Connection with wisdom and grace

I look forward to your progress. But do you even know where you're going? If you have a family, are you the leader in it? And do you know who the leader is? A servant who realizes that the family is something bigger than himself. And it's not just about him. He is the one who loves and cares. The servant is also obedient. The guidance of a man in the family, possibly without a family, comes from the Lord Jesus. He is an example of a leader, a servant. He was not concerned with the position, but with love, service. He knew his goal and knew what to do. He listened to the Father. He was clear about this and approached his vocation with the necessary urgency. So please connect to the greatest source of knowledge from which blessing also comes. Otherwise, you may be lost, believe me. I know my stuff about that. That's step number five.

Planning and security

Only when you follow your father does your father become your role model. If you don't have a father, as I wrote above, don't worry! Here's the best father I want to introduce you to. He is our Heavenly Father. I pray that he will become your role model. Not every father knows how to lead and accompany. I have to write to you. Because without leadership, we don't know where we're going. Therefore, a man should know his goal, he must have a vision and follow it and complete it. Leadership is like navigation, without which we are lost. We do not live for the moment and do not forget the purpose and direction. Preparation is very important. What you have behind you should help you formulate a plan so that you have your own vision and mission, know it and carry it out. So, plan and secure. The path will not be easy, but it is definitely worth it. Step number six.

A vision for vocation and family

Do you know your vocation? If so, great. Congratulations! If not, it doesn't matter. Don't give up and look. No matter how long it takes. I myself have been looking for my vocation for years. Yes, and I'm not ashamed of it. Maybe marriage became your vocation. Or religious life. Or you are simply left alone and have the vocation of a single man. These are all gifts. What is their common denominator? Plan, mission, vision. Remember? And so, create annual and life goals, set values, and walk with the Lord Jesus. So put God, family, wife, and children first, and then work and the rest. The plan will help you get things in order. Determine the goal and direction. And don't forget to be thankful for everything!

A vision for society, the country, and the world

God calls us men to a service that is greater than ourselves. Our service is the care of family, wife, children. But we should always serve God first and then the family, certainly to the people around us. The service consists of help, sacrifice, and willingness even at the cost of our lives. It's not about us but about those who will come after us. We have to think of a new generation in our lives. We also ask how can I use my gifts and talents for society, country, and the world? And this is the last seventh step needed to complete the path to a courageous manhood.


If you made it here, I want to thank you first. Thanks for reading this blog! I believe that it helped you understand that the path to a courageous manhood is not straightforward and consists of several steps. Every step is necessary because it serves as a building block for growth and self-knowledge. God has enabled us, men, to do things, they don't have to be big, but they need to include more than just you. Therefore, please do not forget God, family, wife, children, society, country, and the world in which you find yourself and stay only for a certain time. Find the courage you need, boldly embark on this journey in any year of your life, stand firmly on your feet and do not fly in the clouds, but take the initiative, plan to achieve what you are called to do, to become a man of God who does not forget family, society, country and world. I bless you on this journey!




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